Sunday, 9 September 2012

Camouflage Inspired Make up

Recently throughout the shops I've definitely been spotting a lot of camouflage print on so many clothing items and accessories, so I thought why not try and transfer these colours into a make up look?

I really love the colour khaki, especially with my brown eyes. A toned down version of this look (if you're too shy) would look great for daytime, while this deeper smokey version would transfer great for the night time with lashings of mascara!

Feel free to experiment with these colours, this is my take on the camouflage trend, so continue reading to find out how you can achieve it! :D

Step 1: Apply your favourite moisturiser, followed by foundation, concealer and a matching eyeshadow to fill in your brows. This creates a plain canvas ready for your camouflage creativity!
Step 2: Using my MUA Heaven and Earth Palette I selected a light shimmery brown eyeshadow and placed this in the inner half of my eye.
Step 3: Using my Sleek "Divine - The Original 594" palette I selected a shimmery khaki green and packed this onto the remaining outer half of my lid. Feel free to carefully add more of the other colour where the two colours meet, in order to help them blend properly. 

Step 4: Using the "Sea Green" from the Sleek palette, I defined the outer edges of the make up look in order to create a greater dimension. This also makes the look a lot more dramatic.
Step 5: Using the brown from the pallete, I lined my upper and lower lashline with a small smudge brush. I also decided to apply a slightly darker brown from my MUA palette to the outer edges on my lashlines for a more intense effect! A pearly shimmery shade in the inner corners is great as it opens up the eyes!

Finishing touches: Apply a matte cream shade to your brow bone for a subtle highlight as well as a quick blend. Put on your favourite mascara and conclude the look with a dusting of light pink blush and apply a natural/pink matte lip colour. (My favourite is still my Loreal Rouge Caresse in "Mauve Cherie.") 

Hope you enjoyed, leave a quick comment if you like it! It would be greatly appreciated :D 

Rachel xxx



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  1. Great look! I really like the tutorial :)